About Us

" I Worked Restlessly, Day In And Day Out, To Fill Up My Worn Out Knapsack With Treasures And Discarded Food. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure. It Was Valued As Trash In Other People's Eyes. In Mine? I Saw Life, Opportunity, A Chance! I Saw Hope. Even If All The Towns People And Their Young One's looked down on me, and avoided me like the plague: That Never Discouraged Me From working Hard and Making The Best Out Of The Cards Of Life I Had Been Dealt." How Could I Give Up So Easily? They Didn't know it, But I Worked So Hard To Take Care Of The Only People Who Cared For Me, My Parents. They Are The Reason Why I Work So Hard. They Are My Reason To Continue Pushing Each And Every Day. How Could I Let The Negative And Mean Towns People Win? Me Giving Up ? Only Works In Their Favor. I Had To Prove Them All Wrong And Make Not Only My Parents, But Myself Very Proud. I Did Just That.